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I am Corrin Laws, a painter and print maker based in the North East of England. Echoes: Impressions of a Northern Landscape is my first Solo exhibition, to be held at The Station in Richmond, North Yorkshire.

I have been studying for a degree with the open college of the arts for some time. This exhibition is an opportunity to showcase my degree work and also marks a change of emphasis from study to a sustainable art practice.

My inspiration is often found close to my home at Newsham, a small settlement overlooking the River Tees. I predominantly work in oil paint on canvas or board. I enjoy painting both outside and in the studio. Relief block printing is a relatively new element in my practice, Creating a print offers me a different way of looking at my subject and often feeds into the painting process.

My oil paintings record traces of past lives that endure in our ever changing landscape. such as  weathered barns, aging hedgerows, landmark trees and meandering river banks, lined with flood torn willows and giant hog-weed. I use a natural earth palette to reflect seasonal colour shifts and favour a loose impressionistic style.

My exhibition takes place at The Station in Richmond from the 5th to the 16th July. Find me at The Station, Station Yard, Richmond, North Yorkshire, DL10 4LD

Solo exhibition. Echoes: impressions of a Northern Landscape.
Date & Time:
From 05/07/2024 To 16/07/2024
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