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Evening workshop : Thursday 31st March 2022
18:00 – 21:00

Ink can be added or wiped off in certain areas, and a print is then taken from the plate. Multiple plates can be printed in register to achieve exciting layered compositions.

Learners will experiment with using inks, paintbrushes, stencils and a printing press to produce one off ‘mono’ prints which have a colourful, painterly quality. 

Taster sessions are designed for people who have little or no prior knowledge or experience of printmaking but are also great for those who want to a refresher of a particular technique. Some people might find it easier to use an image as a basis to work from, rather than starting from scratch. If you do bring images to work from, please try to bring images which can be translated into block colours and shapes and that you will be working on plates around A5 size. Alternatively, don’t bring anything with you and just experiment with making marks and seeing what happens! 


Taster: Monoprint
Date & Time:
From 31/03/2022 To 31/03/2022
75A Huddersfield Road, Mirfield, UK
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Price: £40
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