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Saturday 25th and Sunday 26th June 2022
11am – 5pm

Your tutor: Scarlette Averley

Over the course of a weekend, learners will be guided through the reduction linocut method and colour blend inking techniques. Reduction linocut involves cutting away the surface of one lino block in stages and printing each stage, layer by layer, on top of the last, creating a multi-coloured, tonal print. Intricate detail can be achieved as well as bold abstract imagery and the result can be as stylised and individual as the maker chooses. 

Colour blending is an ink rolling method that enables you to print your lino image with blended bands of colour and gradation. You often see this utilised for skylines that blend a dark colour into a light one or vice versa. It’s a great method to be used in conjunction with reduction linocut printing because this gives you the option to colour blend multiple layers of your print and introduce several colours with each layer! 

During your time on the course you will develop a set of finished multi-layer lino prints as well as taking away with you the skills and knowledge to experiment with these highly adaptive techniques. The course will cover each element of these processes, from preparing your lino block, to carving, inking and printing, as well as registration methods and editioning your prints. 

Linocut and Colour Blends
Date & Time:
From 25/06/2022 To 26/06/2022
West Yorkshire Print Workshop, Huddersfield Road, Mirfield, UK
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Price: £140.00
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