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Weekend course
Saturday 3rd and Sunday 4th September 2022
10am – 4pm

Your tutors: Clare Caulfield 

Screen printing on paper is a highly versatile technique that allows an endless variety of marks to be printed from bold solid areas of colour, delicate line drawings, text and photographic images. 

This printmaking method involves creating a stencil on a screen. This is a fine-mesh fabric stretched taut over a frame through which ink is then forced resulting in a print. This course offers an introduction to water-based screen printing, and will cover the following: 

Artwork preparation 

You will learn about the various methods of transferring images to a screen.   

These include using simple cut paper stencils, hand drawn images & mark-making, and photocopied or digitally printed images on acetate.  

Preparation of screen 

You will then learn the methods involved in preparing a screen for printing. This will include coating a screen with light-sensitive emulsion, exposing your imagery to it using ultra-violet light, and developing with water.  


You will learn about how to print, mix inks and registration techniques. You will then have the opportunity to print a small edition using several colours onto paper. 

Intro to: Screen Printing on Paper
Date & Time:
From 03/09/2022 To 04/09/2022
West Yorkshire Print Workshop, Huddersfield Road, Mirfield, UK
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Price: £140.00
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