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Aire Place Studios presents BUY Art 2022. Buy artwork directly off the walls – once they are gone they are gone! 

The BUY Art exhibition is about fostering a supportive environment for artists and giving them a platform to sell the work they create. You can support artists and arts organisations in many ways. You can buy art, buy prints, buy a drink at a gallery opening or by simply give them a like and a share on Instagram – give your favourite artist a shout out! 

If you want to support local organisations like Aire Place Studios you can do so by buying our associate memberships, or by donating a small amount so we can continue offering spaces for local artists. Help us to champion and nourish passion, and talent. 

‘Artists do more than just paint a pretty picture; they help communities to flourish and enrich our lives and work spaces. Artists are all around us. They teach our children, work in healthcare in therapy, recovery, and help to curate our spaces with interior design. 

They aid our city by creating sculptures, making exhibitions, attractions and just make the everyday feel and look a bit better. 

The BUY Art exhibition is just one of the ways in which you can help support local artists and local art galleries. They better our lives in so many ways so let’s give them our support!’ Sarah Francis, Founder of Aire Place Studios.

Come and view our collection of over 40 talented artists at the launch event on

Friday 4th November 2022, 6:30-9pm, celebrating Artists and Makers. You will be able to purchase artworks directly off the gallery wall or buy prints from the shop whilst enjoying a drink from the bar. Artworks will also be featured on our new online shop for Christmas buying and ideas! Just visit: https://www.aireplacestudios.com/buy-art

The exhibition is open to the public every Friday (11am – 5pm) from 4th November 2022 – 20th January 2023.

BUY Art Exhibition
Date & Time:
From 04/11/2022 To 20/01/2023
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