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I spent a year listening, recording and formatting the sounds and chatter between Swallows, Ravens and Blackbirds. Wanting to create a new lexicon which would posses form, marks and symbols, similar to sheet music. After a year of studying hard, using phonetics and sonography, I did indeed create a useable lexicon for each species and these marks can been seen within my artwork…often a hidden message.

I have developed an extensive understanding of how art can evolve and be truly authentic to the artist, instantly making it unique and interesting to viewers. Art CAN change and evolve but still be recognised as belonging to that artists body of work. Galleries love this!

I have taught and coached artists at all levels, into exploring and establishing their own understanding of who they are and how this can be portrayed in their artworks, without constraining their evolving creativity.
I write blogs that help explore new concepts…open the mind.

As a coach, my input ranges from basic understanding and use of materials, new unconventional ways to use these and how to establish balance, tone, contrast and difference in each and every piece. My coaching can be carried out in small groups or on an individual basis…giving you my complete attention.
prices for sessions vary and I’m more than happy to look at what would best suit your wishes and requirements. Think of it as taking a path together but that I have a map!

Artist Coaching available online!
Price: From £60 per session
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How to book: Message me through FB, Instagram or my Website.