Web design

Are you an artist or gallery that needs help getting online or improving your website…look no further

Whether your an artist or a gallery, in this day and digital age you need a website that functions properly, that includes working perfectly on mobile phone. Unlike most digital Art platforms Yorkshire Art won’t leave you high, we will work with you to set it up and walk you through step by step so eventually you can manage it yourself but until that point we are only a call or email away, or just drop by, nothing like talking things through over a coffee.

You can use one of our specifically art focussed templates for you site or we can create something truly bespoke, we’re experts in the digital realm so please get in touch, we don’t bite and we can make the whole process of producing your art website a piece of understandable cake.

Heres Sarah’s site, click and take a look.

A massive thank you to Tim Miller for sorting out my chaos, tolerating my various, continuing confusion and mumbling, without Tim’s patience and kindness my website would not exist! If you need a website, I’d highly recommend Tim, he’s an artist too so he’s used to ‘us oddballs ‘!x

Sarah Thornton.