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Thursday 28th April 2022
6pm – 9pm

Lino etching is a relief printing process that uses caustic soda paste to etch into lino blocks. This technique can be a good addition to traditional cut lino. You will experiment with mark-making through the use of simple ‘resists’, a way of protecting areas of your block against the caustic. This can produce a wide range of tonal marks. Once your blocks are etched, you will be guided through inking and printing, with the opportunity to explore colour inking and multi-layered prints, producing 2-3 prints each on good quality paper to take home. 

Our taster sessions offer a brief introduction to some of the key printmaking techniques practiced here at WYPW, and a glimpse into the processes involved in creating hand-made prints. You will be guided and encouraged by experienced artists who use printmaking in their own art practice, in a professionally equipped workshop setting. 

Your tutor: Fabian Osborne

Based at WYPW, Fabian Osborne’s practice explores the forms and hidden patterns found within natural and manmade landscapes. Interested in the transitory and unpredictability nature of the shapes and surfaces which inspire him, much of his work explores ideas around weathering and erosion. His recent research into lino etching has enabled him to replicate these qualities and currently forms the main focus of his print-making practice. 

Taster: Lino Etching
Date & Time:
From 28/04/2022 To 28/04/2022
75A Huddersfield Road, Mirfield, UK
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Price: £40
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