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What is A Spot on the Wall?

Spot gives visitors to The Station an ever-changing display of art to enjoy and purchase, in a wide range of media.

Through this exhibition, The Station gathers together a fantastic range of talented artists and photographers. Whether the artist is a first time exhibitor, or they have been exhibiting for years, as a profession or a hobby, they sit side by side on the walls of the prestigious old station building.

Artists purchase a SPOT, where they hang a piece of work alongside an array of other fantastic artists. As a piece of art is sold from the artist’s spot, they can replace it with another, meaning there are virtually unlimited opportunities for sales. For visitors to The Station, the exhibition looks different every time.

Spot on The Wall Exhibition 2020
Date & Time:
From 28/11/2020 To 03/02/2021
The Station, Station Yard, Richmond, UK
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