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We’re back in the water and making waves with a striking new exhibition and live event.

A Love Supreme or No Future? Are Punk & Jazz at odds or two sides of a coin?
Each can be controversial, uncompromising, confrontational.
The best of each is groundbreaking, pushing conventions to the limit.
Both can hurt. Both can heal.

PUNK/JAZZ explores genres, contrasts and connections through music, painting, drawing, collage, print, words, sculpture and photography.
Art on show at Micklegate & Fossgate Socials from 19th October. Free entry during opening hours.

EXHIBITION LAUNCH PARTY – New artists, new work, new venue. Drinks, music, art.
Sat 21st October 7 pm at Micklegate Social.
Free reservations @ https://bit.ly/PJ-launch

LIVE PERFORMANCE & HALLOWEEN SPECIAL! – New sounds, new styles, new visions. Bands, spoken word and comedy.
Sat 28th October, 7.30pm at The Basement, City Screen.
Tickets @ https://bit.ly/nav-punkjazz

PUNK/JAZZ: Contrasts & Connections by Navigators Art & Performance
Date & Time:
From 19/10/2023 To 03/01/2024
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