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Saturday 15th and Sunday 16th October 2022
10am – 4pm

Your tutors: Jenny Thomas and Fabian Osborne

Over the course of the two days you will investigate ways of working with lino blocks and a caustic soda paste to bring textural qualities to relief printed images. Lino etching is a very painterly technique, capable of producing gestural marks, gradations of tone, and beautiful unpredictable textures. It can be used stand alone or combined with traditional cutting and masking methods to explore layering and more structural qualities within the image. 

Caustic soda etches or ‘bites’ into the surface of the lino block to various depths, according to the length of time it remains in contact with the lino block. A wide range of tonal marks can be created, from white (negative) to grey (half tone). The lino may also be protected from the caustic etch by the application of a range of materials which will resist the etching process. The resulting areas will print black/full tonal colour. 

Great for those looking to expand their print-making repertoire and for image makers with an interest in playful techniques or textual qualities. This experienced pair will provide you with heaps of inspiration to get your creative juices flowing! 

Intro to: Lino Etching
Date & Time:
From 15/10/2022 To 16/10/2022
75A Huddersfield Rd, Mirfield WF14 8AT, UK
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Price: £145.00
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