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‘Deep Time’ is a conceptual drawing project to create a changing illustration of geological changes on part of the Yorkshire coast. A living landscape to experiment with the idea of ‘geological time’, and funding on Kickstarter. I was inspired to approach this project by the active current coastal erosion, by showing how much ‘time’ is truly captured and changed within one existing rock structure. Using information about a local sedimentary sequence – Selwicks Bay by Flamborough Head – I’ll be drawing from the oldest/bottom-most layers and build the drawing up to create the current cliff.

The project will be captured in a series of art prints, taken at different stages of the drawing. They will be collected in a wrap folder with a handprinted original linocut created specially for this project. The set also includes a ‘zine collecting a journal of artist notes and a geology key for the images and references.

At each stage of drawing a bit might be erased (eroded), redrawn (compressed soils) or altered physically (uplift and folding). Different kinds of mediums will be used to achieve the effect: straightforward drawing, watercolour and ink drawing, collage, linocut printing, erasing, taping, cutting and pasting. The unique part of this project is that there will be only one unique final art object, and the prints will be ‘snapshots’ in time of the art process. Time in art, with time in the landscape.

Deep Time: Drawing coastal change
Date & Time:
From 16/07/2021 To 30/07/2021
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3a Hanover Road, Scarborough, UK
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